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Posts published in “blogging”

First Post with Spacemacs and org2blog

Haven’t been blogging for quite a while. I recently got around to redeploying and updating my WordPress blog to AWS Lightsail. It works so much better (and less expensive) now! The Dev team here at Omnyway wanted to start blogging on our company WordPress blog about all the cool Clojure stuff we’re open sourcing. But they all like to use…

Upgraded to WordPress 2.7

It was easy and its very nice. It was trivial to upgrade from the 2.7 beta. Just one click!

Posting from my iphone

Trying out a few different free iPhone blogging tools. This post is being done via the current WordPress client. It sounds like the 2.7 beta version is even better. This one was extremely easy to set up. And so far easy to use.

Trying Out LifeCast

Testing LifeCast as another blogging tool. It’s main feature seems to be to add geolocation and iphone photos so you can capture your day to day experiences. Geolocate this post. Posted with LifeCast

First Post!

Finally after all these years I got around to putting up a blog. Better late than never! The trigger is that we’ve been doing so many interesting things at Cinch in terms of tech, I need a place to put it all.  And I’ve been itching to have a place to spew my thoughts and opinions on what’s been going…