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Posts published in “HowTo”

Blogging Once More

Time to start blogging, so of course, have to spend days tweaking up the blog and the blog process before writing anything!

First Post with Spacemacs and org2blog

Haven’t been blogging for quite a while. I recently got around to redeploying and updating my WordPress blog to AWS Lightsail. It works so much…

Install Wine on Mac Mountain Lion with Homebrew

It was nice to see that I could brew install wine Until it failed trying to install libicns: ==> ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/Cellar/libicns/0.8.1 ==> make install _WritePNGImage in…

Getting My Hands into Robotics

I’ve always loved software that can effect the “real world” and robotics does that in a great way. I figured it was time to dip…