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Posts published in “HowTo”

Blogging Once More

Time to start blogging, so of course, have to spend days tweaking up the blog and the blog process before writing anything!

First Post with Spacemacs and org2blog

Haven’t been blogging for quite a while. I recently got around to redeploying and updating my WordPress blog to AWS Lightsail. It works so much better (and less expensive) now! The Dev team here at Omnyway wanted to start blogging on our company WordPress blog about all the cool Clojure stuff we’re open sourcing. But they all like to use…

CLI to Switch Amazon AWS Shell Environment Credentials

I work with many different AWS IAM Accounts and need to easily switch between these accounts. The good news is the AWS CLI tools now support a standard config file (~/.aws/config) that allows you to create profiles ¬†for ¬†multiple accounts in the one config file. You can select them when using the aws-cli with the --profile flag. But many other…