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Message to My Senator Boxer: Uphold your Oath of Office: Squash Shadow Secret Gov’t

Remind your elected officials from the President on down to keep their oath of office: to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America.Senate Oath of OfficeJust a reminder you swore an oath of office to uphold the Constitution but you are not upholding it if you are not investigating and prosecuting those in all branches of the government that have been sidestepping the Constitution.

The 13 years of Cheney/Obama administrations has set up a shadow secret government with its own courts, laws and interpretations of the public laws.

Arrest and Try James Clapper for Lying to CongressMembers of at least the current administration have now been proven to have lied under oath in front of congressional hearing.

But nothing has been done. Instead the whistleblowers are in jail or forced to seek asylum in other nations and the real criminals are in the seats of the White House, Congress, the Judiciary and the Media.

I’m not even bothering to write to Diane “NSA” Feinstein but I for some reason still have hope that maybe you have a bone of integrity left in your body.

You are being called to get out of your comfort zone and safeguard our Democracy before its too late (though it may be too late already, especially if you and at least some colleagues don’t do something about it)