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Posts published in “How the World Works”

Rootstrikers: Organization to Clean Up Politics

Via – Demand TransformationHOW DO WE CLEAN UP POLITICS? 1. Provide that public elections are publicly funded; 2. Limit, and make transparent, independent political expenditures, and; 3. Reaffirm that when the Declaration of Independence spoke of entities “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,” it was speaking of natural persons only.Via

The coming medical revolution. We need HYPERINNOVATION to fix Health Care Crisis

Via – Creating the FutureTechnology has the potential to transform our concept of sickness.   There’s nothing in the 2,000-plus page [Healthcare] bill that gets into this kind of hyper innovative individual medicine, biosensor leveraging, genome and all these sorts of things – it doesn’t really show up.   But it is a great opportunity to make medicine and…

I have a bad feeling about this (Star Wars meets the RIAA/MPAA)

Via – Demand TransformationStar Wars meets the RIAA, the MPAA, Intellectual Ventures, and everyone else scheming to enthral the people with digital “rights” management and criminal prosecution of “file sharing.”Via

The Real Goal Of Regulating Buffer Copies? So Hollywood Can Put A Tollbooth On Innovation

Via – Demand TransformationOne jaw-dropping leak is that that the treaty contemplates requiring licenses for ephemeral copies made in a computer’s buffer. That means that the buffers in your machine could need a separate, negotiated license for every playback of copyrighted works, and buffer designs that the entertainment industry doesn’t like — core technical architectures — would become legally…