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I call BULLSHIT: Obama Official Response to Petitions for Legalizing Marijuana

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Its clear that Obama and all other Legislators who are attacking otherwise law abiding Citizens are taking money from the only people who are making money from Drugs being illegal: Organized Crime, the DEA, Prison Guards, Beer and Liquor Industries.   If Obama really believes that it was a Health Hazard, he should be busting the Cigarette and the Alcohol Industries, whose drugs are orders of magnitude more dangerous and impactful. (Note: Obama still smokes tobacco and use to smoke Marijuna).   But we saw how well Prohibition worked before.   So I call BULLSHIT on the Obama Administration. This is a minor point compared to the really anti-Citizen initiatives of the Obama and past administrations. Just wait till they start using Predator Drones on US Citizens inside the US.
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